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CH Tordor's Kirivo Kirohanas CDX, PT, MX, AXJ, MJP2, RE, TT

Owned by James Moen & Catharine Pronzini
Bred by Barbara H. Stelz & Linn Hiett

 April 17, 1994  -  August 18, 2009

Kiro was a really special guy.  He did Conformation and had this fabulously smooth, ground-covering gait.  He did Obedience, and once got High In Trial at the Puli Club National.  He did lots of Agility until he started to slow down a bit.  He did Rally-O.  And he loved Herding.  He had what they call "power" -- and the sheep took one look at him and knew he was in charge.  He passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, as well as the Temperament Test. 

Kiro was the first Puli to earn the Puli Club of America's Versatile Puli Excellent award. 

Kiro worked with me on some of these things, but for most of them, it was the Kiro-Cathy team.  Both of us spent many, many hours with Kiro in training and competing.  He was our buddy, and a great friend.  At home, he was the true example of an Alpha dog.  He just knew he was Alpha, so he didn't have to prove it all the time.  But he would if he had to.

As Kiro got older, he had some health problems, but he just never let those stop him.  On his last day, Cathy told Kiro he was the toughest dog she'd ever known.  It's true.  He would not ever, ever give up, no matter what the obstacle.

We love you Kiro.  Now you can run fast again, and you can play with Csoda again.  You were so very special.

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