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Install and Configure WinDV (DV Node for Windows)

WinDV is free Hotspot software from DUTCH*Star, maker of DV Modems, the DUTCH*Star firmware that runs them, and many free software programs.  It was written by Fred van Kempen, PA4YBR. It's easy to install and has wide-ranging functionality, including linking support for DPlus (REF) reflectors, DExtra (XRF) reflectors and DCS reflectors.  It allows you to configure an ircDDB gateway, supports DTMF commands, provides optional audio announcements, and has a terrific graphical user interface.  It runs on Windows (from XP to the latest version of Windows).

Here's how to install and configure it:

Install WinDV

Configure WinDV

Test WinDV

Set up QuickTune buttons

Use QuickTune buttons

Reflectors Lists (optional detail)

Linking by using RF commands from your D-Star radio

More Features

We've covered the most important features, but as you get familiar with WinDV, you may want to explore other useful features:

That's it!  Enjoy your hotspot.

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