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Install and Configure ConDV on Windows

ConDV is free Hotspot software from DUTCH*Star, source of DUTCH*Star firmware for popular GMSK Modems, and many free software programs.  It was written by Fred van Kempen, KA4YBR, author of the popular WinDV.  It's easy to install and has wide-ranging functionality, including linking support for DPlus (REF) reflectors, DExtra (XRF) reflectors and DCS reflectors.  It allows you to configure an ircDDB gateway, supports DTMF commands, provides optional audio announcements, and has an easy to use command line user interface.  It runs under Windows, as well as Linux on ARM processors like the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black.   This page is about the Windows version.

Download and Install ConDV for Windows
Log onto your DUTCH*Star account at http://www.dutch-star.eu/my/login.aspx , click the Software link on the left, find ConDV and download the Windows version.

After saving the .exe file, double-click on it and do a Complete install.

It normally installs to c:/Program Files/Microwalt Corporation/WinDV.  The Start/All Programs will have a new ConDV group, where you can bring up a short users manual or the configuration file guide. Note that on some versions of Windows, the Program Files directory has a slightly different name. The installer will get it right for each machine.

Configure ConDV

Test ConDV

Mostly you will use L and U to link to reflectors and unlink from them. A simple test is link to the E module of any REF reflector. This is an artificial module that records your transmission and immediately plays it back. It’s a great way to prove everything is working.  Example:  Enter L, then enter REF001_E

The only trick is to enter an underscore _ instead of a space when giving the reflector and module.
This allows you to skip placing quotes around the whole thing.

The following commands are supported:

ESC abort
? help
B send APRS beacon
C list connection(s)
f find callsign
I send RF beacon message
L link to (new) gateway
R re-connect to gateway
U unlink from gateway
Z unlink client conn

To quit the program, just hit the Escape key.

Linking by using RF commands from your D-Star radio

Running ConDV headless
ConDV has a "daemon" or headless mode.  You start it but do not have to keep the command line window open.  All control is done via RF commands via your D-Star radio, similar to how ICOM repeaters work.  To start ConDV in this way, Open the ConDV Command Shell and type:

   cd bin
   condv –D condv.ini

More Features

We've covered the most important features, but as you get familiar with ConDV, you may want to explore other useful features:

That's it!  Enjoy your ConDV hotspot.

D-Star® is a registered trademark used for communication equipment (repeaters and transceivers) for amateur radio communications, and owned by Icom Incorporated.

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