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BlueDV Beta for Windows - Configure Star*DV and BlueDV for:

  • D-Star
  • DMR
  • C4FM/Fusion

If you own a Star*DV, BlueDV offers some advanced features, though you won't be able to use the speaker/mike connector.

Star*DVs are no longer being manufactured.  If you don't already own a Star*DV, we recommend you purchase a ThumbDV from Northwest Digital Radio.

D-Star Compatible Hotspot using GMSK Node Adapter setup guide by K6JM

David PA7LIM has written an excellent multi-mode program called BlueDV.  The original version of this program worked only with DVMega/BlueStack hotspots.

David has since upgraded BlueDV to a Beta version that supports AMBE devices.  This program allows use of a pc's or Android device's speaker and mike (or headset) to have QSOs without a radio via D-Star (REF, XRF, DCS), DMR (Brandmeister, XLX DMR, DMR+)  and C4FM/Fusion (YSF, FCS) protocols.

BlueDV Beta works with USB dongles having  an AMBE 3000 chip.  This includes the Star*DV and the Northwest Digital Radio ThumbDV.  You may find that SDV is your ideal software if your main focus is D-Star.  BlueDV Bet also allows you to also access DMR and C4FM/Fusion reflectors.

When using the Star*DV with BlueDV, the key issues are:

Here are example BlueDV settings on Windows:

Normally when either the ThumbDV or Star*DV is plugged into a USB port, Windows will install the normal FTDI driver that results in the AMBE device creating a COM port.  Use Windows Device Manager to discover what COM port, and use that in BlueDV's Serial Port settings.  Note your COM value is likely to be different from the example below:

Notes about Windows drivers
Windows will normally install the appropriate FTDI driver automatically.  If this doesn't happen, read this FTDI page

If your Windows pc already has a special FTDI driver installed, you may not see a COM port created when plugging in the Star*DV.  The solution is to completely remove the FTDI driver, reboot and reinstall the normal FTDI driver.  Click here for more info.

BlueDV Troubleshooting
The Star*DV uses the same AMBE 3000 chip and the same FTDI USB interface chip as that used by the ThumbDV.  Therefore, in most cases, references in BlueDV documentation to the ThumbDV device will also apply to the Star*DV device. BlueDV's author, David PA7LIM, is active on the following list -

You may learn BlueDV information there, but because this list is sponsored by Northwest Digital Radio, please don't post questions about the Star*DV there.

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