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Compiling SDV from Source D-Star Compatible Hotspot using GMSK Node Adapter setup guide by K6JM

SDV is the open source controller for the Star*DV AMBE device.  SDV was written by Rick KD0OSS.  He leveraged techniques and some code in the G4KLX suite, and some GMSK Modem code by KI4LKF, but most of it is new code written by Rick.  SDV works with the G4KLX ircDDBGateway program, which manages linking and connecting to DPlus, DExtra and DCS reflectors as well as callsign routing using StarNET, CCS and ircDDB.

Compiled executables are provided for Windows and for Debian-based ARM hardfloat Linux platforms.  Installing and using the the Windows executables is described here.  Installing to a Debian Linux on the Pi is described here.  But you can also download the full source for SDV and compile it yourself for other platforms.  There are actually two versions of SDV source. 

SDV source
SDV is open source software published under the GNU version 2 license.  The source is available for download.  Just join the stardboardt Yahoo Group and go to the Files area of the website to get the latest source.

To build on Linux:

To build on Windows:


To build the Pi version: