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Mutiple Modes for Digital Voice

Hams tend to favor their first DV or Digital Voice mode, be it D-Star, DMR, Fusion, P-25 or one of several others out there.  But with the availability of new modems and access point devices and associated software, we've found we don't have to make a choice -- we can access any or nearly all of the Ham DV modes. 

Many of us do this by purchasing several radios, and there are now many shack photos showing a lineup of 3 or 4 different DV mode HTs.  Others simply get an AMBE3000 device such as the NW Digital Radio ThumbDV and use it with multi-mode software like BlueDV by PA7LIM. 

For a peek at what's going on, here are slides from a Multi-Mode presentation at the 2017 Pacificon Hamfest.  Featured speaker was Jim KI6ZUM (designer of the ZUMspot multi-mode radio board).

For hardware recommendations, see my MoenComm page (I used to sell DV products myself and now am free to recommend others' products).  For software and Pi images, I list a few recommendations below, several of which support Multi-Mode:

DV Software

Pi Images - These images get you started fast.  Here are my favorites:


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